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Acense LLC's acetylene sensor technology warns of
impending equipment failure...

Acetylene Sensor Compared to Dime Acense LLC is developing and testing a sensor
focused on early fault warning for oil-immersed electrical equipment.

In systems such as power transformers, oil-filled high-voltage cables and network protection transformers, Acetylene gas is
only produced by high-energy discharges or high temperature, which often signals a failure in progress.

Generation of any amount of acetylene gas above a few parts per million unequivocally indicates a problem. The sensor responds to very low levels of acetylene gas. Unlike other fault gasses, the presence of acetylene provides indication of a certain existing serious fault, not a developing issue such as overheating.

Acense LLC has licensed the technology underlying the sensor from the University of Toledo, which has a patent pending. Dr. Abdul-Majeed Azad of the University of Toledo invented the technology.

The prototype sensor is being built and tested at Essential Research, Inc. an independent semiconductor laboratory.

Gas Sensor Flow Test
Gas Sensor Flow Test

Flow Tube developed by Dr. Azad for initial testing at The University of Toledo.
The Flow Tube is now in use at Essential Research for further testing.

Gas Sensor Test Tank
Gas Sensor Test tank
Tank was developed for testing multiple sensors in multi-gas
environments as well as transformer oil.

Sensor Tube Test Performance Chart
Testing Data Chart